Birth and antenatal 

Antenatal & Birth support Includes-

A minimum of 2 Antenatal Appointments, which are usually 2 hours per appointment.
An On-Call period, usually 10 days before Estimated Due Date through to whenever you have the baby.
Continuous support during your pregnancy.
Postnatal visits within the first week to 10 days after baby is born.

Antenatal appointments 

At the Antenatal appointments we will discuss birth options, pain relief, breathing & relaxation techniques,  birth physiology, how I can support you and your chosen birth partner, I will help you with your Birth Preference and talk through any fears you may have and any previous birth experiences. I will tailor my support around your particular needs, it is all about you, and whatever you need.

When I am on-call I am available 24/7.

Support Offered.

I can support you for however and wherever you choose to have your baby, whether its a home birth, or in hospital, a natural birth, a caesarean section, a vbac, or a water birth. 

I also offer private Antenatal appointments only, on a consultancy basis, which does not include me attending the birth.

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