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C was my 2nd baby and it was a lovely experience to which having a Doula was definitely a contributing factor. Sarah was a perfect choice. She was very professional, ensuring we knew exactly what to expect from her in her role as a Doula. But also, was very personable, reassuring and very perceptive.

From having asked a few questions she allowed me to ramble on about my first birth and ascertained not only what I said I wanted, but also what she sensed I wanted.
She picked up on some very subtle points which I hadn't realised I was giving her - my need for privacy for example. It's not a very 'private' experience giving birth, but she did all she could to help me retain my dignity.

With hindsight, it made such a difference to me, without even realising it was what I wanted. And she was quite literally 'my rock', giving me something to hold onto during my contractions whilst my husband tried to get someone to help me up the flight of stairs as the lift wasn't working! She was also there to support my husband - reassure him he was doing the right thing.

I must admit my husband was a little nervous of having a Doula at first - he felt that his role would be taken away and that he would feel like he was being assessed. But having met Sarah, she reassured him that she would only do what we wanted her to - from sitting in the corner observing, to getting hands-on. We could dictate her level of involvement. and on the day, she didn't overstay her welcome, or encroach on our time together. But was there when we needed her.

For me, having Sarah as my Doula made my birthing experience just perfect. She reassured me in the run up to the birth and kept my fears at bay. Having been through the experience already, I was probably more fearful second time around. I knew too much - no longer the naive mum-to-be who could be one of those women who actually giving birth! Little did I know that once C came along, I could actually look back and consider myself as exactly that - I did honestly enjoy giving birth. Now how many women can say that!!

Mr & Mrs J and P

Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Sarah was wonderful and definitely made both the preparation for the birth and the birth itself infinitely better for both myself and my partner.
I think the benefit of having someone with you throughout the birth, providing practical and emotional support and also a link between the birthing mother and the midwife is invaluable.
Quite often during labour midwives come and go and pop in and out (we had 4 midwives in total!) so to have the same person with you throughout helps enormously.
Sarah is calm, patient, focused but also relaxed and fun to be around! She would have done anything for us during and also gave us the space we needed when we needed it.
We have no regrets at all about having Sarah as our Doula and would definitely want her there again in the future!

N & A, Ascot, 1st baby

Sarah's support Postnatally has enabled me to really enjoy our twin boys and cope with recovering from a caesarean section. It has been wonderful knowing the washing was being done, that my older son was getting attention, that i could be driven to the Breastfeeding Support session etc, that my husband felt supported too and that i could have a break from juggling 2 babies and get sleep during the day when i needed to. Sarah was the only Doula who suggested different shifts/timings on different days, offering a late session too, so my husband and i could go to bed early and not be 'on call.' Her extensive nannying and maternity nurse experience, including multiples, meant i could ask for advice / ideas when i needed them, and importantly she never imposed her views or a set approach. I would recommend anyone with a newborn, particularly post-caesarean section and with multiples, to have extra support from Sarah, even if only a few hours a week. It's such a precious time and worth making the most of!

C & J, Twins
Eton, Berkshire

We found Sarah really nice, warm and easy going, she had a professional manner and we immediately felt more confident knowing that we had support from someone who 'knew the ropes'. During the birth Sarah supported us all the way through. It was important to me to not have my husband worry about things or try to remember everything, this helped him relax and having someone else there that knew what we wanted from the experience was positive. Just remembering my conversations with Sarah helped me to stay calm and relaxed during labour.  After our son was born it was great knowing that we had Sarah around to contact with any queries or breastfeeding questions we had. Having Sarah at our sons birth was an excellent choice and we would 100% have her again if we have another child.

B & D, 1st baby
Slough, Berkshire

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